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  • Syracuse Educational Article of the Month - Groundhog prevention tips: how to keep groundhogs away

Groundhog prevention tips: how to keep groundhogs away

Groundhog prevention tips: how to keep groundhogs away To get an idea of which methods work best to keep Syracuse groundhogs away, you first need to understand the animal. Knowing how it's going to behave, what it is going to be trying to get will help you repel groundhogs from your property. We have all seen the movie Caddy Shack with Bill Murray and his arsenal from the Apocalypse versus the groundhog from hell destroying his golf course. Well luckily for us you don't need anything like that kind of arsenal to get rid of New York groundhog's.

Human beings in their activities are the main reason Syracuse groundhog populations have exploded, groundhogs prefers to live in a place where if they stick their head out of their burrow they have a good line of sight in all directions so humans knocking down forests and growing lawns has given them much more habitat to look at. But even for New York groundhogs there is a downside to this, groundhogs did not like human beings, the smell of human beings, the noises we make or the pets we bring with us, knowing this we can actually use it against the groundhogs and a lot of people do.

The first time I heard this I thought it had to be an urban myth but it turns out it's actually true, you have a groundhog living close by who is gradually moving closer and closer to you and you want to convince him or her to move away, the easiest way is to decorate the entrance to the borrow with human urine and if you have a dog and can convince it to urinate there as well the New York groundhog will probably be gone inside a month. Now I'm not suggesting you go out to the on the Syracuse animals burrow but you can collect it and go and pour it around the main entrance.

There are also numerous chemical-based solutions that duplicate defect of urine. They all seem to work as the Syracuse groundhog seems to be very fussy about it's burrow and the surrounds. Building fences probably won't work due to their excellent climbing ability and obviously due to the fact they can swim very well building a moat is not an effective option either. If you want to prevent New York groundhogs from coming onto your property another effective way is to scatter human and pet hair around your perimeter, again another smell that they are proven to dislike.

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