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  • Syracuse Educational Article of the Month - Scratching sounds in the attic or walls

Scratching sounds in the attic or walls

Scratching sounds in the attic or walls

You can almost bet that if you hear strange noises and sounds coming from your attic or your walls you have some uninvited guests. A lot of animals and Syracuse birds into houses through holes no bigger than a half-inch looking for food and shelter, so if your house provides food and shelter they will stay put, nothing surer, the most common animals to make these noises and sounds are: rats, mice, bats, birds, raccoons, squirrels and New York chipmunks. As well as the thumping noises you can hear running scampering noises along with beams in the roof, what you're mostly here is their feet or claws as they moved about, but without actually going to have a look, can you tell which critter is making the noises, we think you can.

Bats frequently get stuck in the wall cavities after gaining entry to a Syracuse home, they generally get stuck in the cavity and until they realize they are stuck they are mostly quite, once they realize that they are stuck but they make scratching noises trying to unstick themselves. Rodents like rats and mice are notorious for making scratchy noises in both the ceiling and the walls, they will also use wall cavities as storage spaces for their food, this can be food they brought in from outside or food they pilfered from within the house. Mice in particular are also territorial New York animals so they will fight with each other. Most rodents also do a fair amount of squeaking which is how they communicate with each other.

Raccoons on the other hand can make very loud noises, but being nocturnal, these noises only occur during the night, they also run around a lot at night going back and forth to feed and drink. Syracuse Squirrels on the other hand make less loud noises and they have an added thing to their repertoire, they like to jump, but they are not nocturnal so their activities mostly occur during daytime however flying New York squirrels will make the same noises but they only nocturnal. The biggest problem with squirrels is they like to live in groups, they like to play and they like to rough house so a group of squirrels in the attic can sound like you have a small army up there when they get going.

The last animal that is likely to inhabit your roof or walls is a Syracuse chipmunk. New York Chipmunks generally live under the house but their main annoying habit is they will collect some food and then climb up the house taking the food inside and storing it in a wall cavity.

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